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Jeet Kune Do Concepts
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About US

Combat Research  is an Association that aims Research methodical and passionate about the real fight in all its aspects through the dissemination of the  "Jeet Kune do Concepts”.
The crucial aspect for the Association is to train over time, a person more confident in their ability, but in the awareness of his own limitations, thus becoming a balanced person, in harmony with himself and with others.
This, according to The Combat Research,is the real value of the Martial Arts, the physical and mental development of the individual (Art) in equilibrium with the defensive side (Martial).
The Art

The “Jeet Kune do Concepts” is a Martial Art created from the merger between the concepts of elegant simplicity arising from Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee and the power and practicality of the Filipino Martial Arts, also known as Kali or Escrima.
Kali studied in depth the armed combat (stick, knife, machete, occasional weapons and so on). The uniqueness of Kali is that the techniques learned with weapons are also used empty hand, transforming the body itself in a weapon. From this perfect alchemy comes a martial art unique, complete in all aspects, simple to implement, adaptable to any situation and extremely effective.
The Training Methodology of the Combat Research Organization is divided into Fast Reaction Combat & Attributes Training Program:

The  FAST REACTION (Fast Assault Strategies & Tecniques) is the set of techniques, tactics and concepts that  the Combat System of the Combat Research Organization uses in a context  of real aggression. It  is composed of a small number of techniques which are simple to  perform, easy to adapt and extremely effective against anyone and in any  situation.

The  ATPRO is the set of techniques, concepts and exercises that  purposely are more complex because they have the only objective to  develop those basic qualities (called "Attributes") to make "the Fast Reaction" adaptable and effective in all situations of real  aggression.
Info: +39 3397834465
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